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Axis 1 - Analysis, Impact and Policy

Infinity symbol, teal and red

Idea to impact

  • Techno-economic and life cycle analyses
  • Social and environmental impact assessment
  • Mapping against Sustainable Development Goals
  • Resource efficiency and circularity

Axis 2 - Storage Technologies



Energy storage materials, devices, and techniques

  • Lithium and other battery materials
  • Material assembly and recycling 
  • Large-scale electrical and thermal energy storage
  • Advanced material characterization

Axis 3 - Circular Fuel Technologies

Abstract molecules in teal & black circle

Alternative energy carriers 

  • Hydrogen, ammonia and other carbon-free energy carriers and fuels
  • Carbon-neutral fuels and chemical cycles
  • Metal fuels and metal-water systems

Axis 4 - Manufacturing & Systems

4 shapes making a square

Maturation and application

  • Advanced design and manufacturing processes 
  • Prototyping and technology demonstration
  • Intellectual property and commercialization
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