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McGill Centre for Innovation in Storage and Conversion of Energy

Centre d’innovation en stockage et conversion d’énergie de McGill - McISCE


Be world-leading in research and innovation in carbon-free energy storage and conversion, catalyzing the energy transition towards a sustainable circular economy.


  • To undertake innovation-oriented cutting-edge research on transformative energy storage and conversion technologies, integrating fundamental research, innovation, and training activities.
  • The Centre focuses on critical solutions for the energy transition, spanning from advanced batteries to hydrogen and other carbon-free fuels.
  • The research program builds from novel materials to systems integration, yielding solutions guided by life-cycle and enviro-socio-economic impact studies.
  • The Centre provides a holistic training environment that fosters design thinking for a closed-loop utilization of resources, continuous assessment of environmental and socioeconomic impacts of technology, translational thinking toward energy and environmental policy development, as well as entrepreneurship and communication skills development.
  • To facilitate a rapid and socially acceptable deployment of solutions, the Centre works with stakeholders from industry, government, communities, and the innovation ecosystem in order to demonstrate prototypes, scale-up technologies, and transfer the technology to partners or new ventures.

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