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Three McGill engineers leading clean technology research laboratories came together to exchange ideas on the energy transition.

How can we meet net-zero by 2050 targets?

Can we think of alternative energy vectors and conversion processes more respectful of the planet’s limited resources?

How do we use renewable electricity at scale and create opportunities for all?

How can we convert and store energy in a more sustainable way and make the new technologies broadly accessible?

After talking for a while, they thought that there must be several other McGill researchers interested in such questions, and the idea of a Centre came about. In May 2021, the McGill Centre for Innovation in Storage and Conversion of Energy (McISCE) was created.

The Centre’s mission encompasses research and technology development as well as impact assessments, outreach, and communications. The top priorities are the training of students, and the development and transfer of novel sustainable practices and technologies to society.

Soon after its creation, the Centre was awarded $2M from TD Bank’s Ready Commitment fund to support its initial phases of development. Now, it’s time for the Centre to start growing.



Be leaders in research and innovation in carbon free energy storage and conversion, and in accelerating the energy transition towards a sustainable society.



The Centre undertakes cutting-edge research in transformative energy storage and conversion technologies and provides students with the best training in science, engineering, and impact assessment to support the energy transition.

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