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Topics for energy reading group: Is energy a human right, Interdisciplinary energy research, energy (in) justices, energy solutions and innovationsMcISCE Summer Energy Reading Group

Hosted by the McISCE Trainee Committee

The McISCE Trainee Committee is hosting an energy reading group this summer.

Through this four-part series, we will gather people from across the university, from the energy curious to the energy experts, to explore these topics together. 

The reading group is open to anyone interested and/or invested in energy research, undergraduate students, McISCE interns, trainees, members, and beyond.

Different McISCE members have been invited to join us for each session to bring their perspectives to the discussions.

We recommend you read the papers before the meeting and bring your thoughts and questions. These discussions are informal, so you are welcome to come and listen.

Two papers have been pre-selected for each reading group:

If you have a McGill email address, you can access the reading list here

For those without a McGill email address, you can access the Google document.

Refreshments will be provided!

If you have any questions, please email laurianne.debanne [at] (Laurianne Debanné)


Four women at a table talkingThe McGill Centre for Innovation in Storage and Conversion of Energy (McISCE) holds a variety of seminars and poster sessions throughout the year that present different facets of energy research.

Please contact us at mcisce [at] (McISCE) if you have an idea in mind for one of our seminar series. 

Limited funds are available for refreshments, food, and to cover hotel stays for visiting speakers.


Discover Seminar

Presents the latest strides in research and innovation in energy storage and conversion, as well as in impact assessment, literacy, policy development, outreach, and communication.

Engage Seminar

Engage in inter-disciplinary thought-provoking exchanges with McGill colleagues and expert stakeholders. A minimum of two disciplines is required.

Learn Seminar

Learn about energy, from any angle. These seminars aim to reach a broad audience and to spark interest and/or enhance energy literacy in general. 

Co-host Seminar

Partnering with colleagues from other faculties to present speakers on a wide range of energy issues. 

Poster Sessions

Students present their research and give an overview of the diversity and depth of energy-related research activities at McGill.

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