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58. S. Jia, M. Abdolhosseini, C. Liu, A. Jonderian, H. Kwak, S. Kumakura, and Eric McCalla*. Stabilization of Na-ion Cathode Surfaces: Combinatorial Experiments with Insights from Machine Learning Models. Advanced Energy and Sustainability Research (2024).

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57. A. Juneau, M. Abdolhosseini, C. Rocq, H.D.M. Pham, M. pascall, R.Z. Khaliullin, S. Canesi, E. McCalla*, J. Mauzeroll*. Overcoming Challenges in Electrosynthesis Using High-Throughput Electrochemistry: Hypervalent Iodine-Mediated Phenol Dearomatization, a Case Study. ChemElectroChem (2024).

56. S. Jia, S. Kumakura, E. McCalla*. Unravelling Air/Moisture Stability of Cathode Materials in Sodium Ion Batteries: Characterization, Rational Design, and Perspective. Energy & Environmental Science (2024).

Table of contents graphic showing vast array of methods used to study air stability in Na-ion cathodes

55. E. Anderson, E. Zolfaghar, A. Jonderian, R.Z. Khaliullin, E. McCalla*. Comprehensive Dopant Screening in Li7La3Zr2O12 Garnet Solid Electrolyte. Advanced Energy Materials (2024).

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54. A. Jonderian, S. Rehman, M. Card Gormley, S. Jia, S.B. Ma, G. Kwon, E. McCalla*. Pioneering Combinatorial Investigation to Unlock the Potential of Lithium Borosilicate Glasses as Solid Electrolytes. Invited article for the 2024 Early Career Forum. ACS Applied Energy Materials (2024).

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53. J.M. Sieffert, C.J. Lang, S. Bazylevych, S. Jia, E. McCalla*. The Nb-Ti-W-O system as safe high power anodes for Li-ion batteries. J. Materials Chemistry A, Rapid Communications, 12, 1429 - 1437 (2024).

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52. E. McCalla*. Semi-automated experiments in designing advanced battery materials: combining speed, low cost and adaptability. ACS Engineering Au 3, 391–402, invited submission to a special issue on materials design (2023). ACS Editors' Choice.

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51. A. Jonderian, R. Peng, D. Davies, E. McCalla*. Benefits and limitations of 226 substitutions into Li-La-Ti-O perovskites. Chemistry of Materials 35, 6227-6234 (2023).

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50. A. Hebert, C. David, E. McCalla*. A combinatorial investigation of the impact of systematic Al substitution into LiNi1-x-yMnxCoyO2 materials. ACS Applied Energy Materials 6, 4593–4603 (2023).

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49. S. Cross, M. Fataftah, A. Jonderian, E. McCalla and A. Szuchmacher Blum*. Preparation and Characterization of Ultra-Small, Monodisperse CoxFe3-xO4 Nanoparticles. Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 567, 170345 (2023).

48. S. Rehman, J.M. Sieffert, C.J. Lang and E. McCalla*. NbyW1-yOz and NbxTi1-xOz pseudobinaries as anodes for Li ion batteries. Electrochimica Acta 439, 141665 (2023).

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47. S. Jia, E. Yao, R. Peng, A. Jonderian, M. Abdolhosseini and E. McCalla*. Chemical speed dating: the impact of 52 dopants in Na-Mn-O cathodes. Chemistry of Materials 34, 11047-11061 (2022).

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46. E. Anderson, A. Jonderian, R.Z. Khaliullin and E. McCalla*. Combinatorial Studies of the Li-La-Zr-O System. Solid State Ionics 388, 116087 (2022).

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45. A. Jonderian, S. Jia, Gabin Yoon, V.T. Cozea, N. Zeinali Galabi, S.B. Ma*, E. McCalla*. Accelerated development of high voltage cathodes for Li-ion batteries. Advanced Energy Materials 12, 2201704 (2022). Selected for the front cover.

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44. N.S.M. Johari, A. Jonderian, S. Jia, V.T. Cozea, E. Yao, S.B.R.S. Adnan, N. Ahmad and E. McCalla*. High-throughput development of Na2ZnSiO4-based hybrid electrolyte for sodium-ion batteries. Journal of Power Sources 541, 231706 (2022).

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43. A. Jonderian, E. Anderson, R. Peng, P. Xu, S. Jia, V.T. Cozea and E. McCalla*. Suite of high-throughput experiments for screening solid electrolytes for Li batteries. Journal of the Electrochemical Society 169, 050504 (2022).

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42. S. Rehman*, M. Pope, S. Tao, and E. McCalla*. Evaluating the effectiveness of in-situ characterization techniques in overcoming mechanistic limitations in lithium-sulfur batteries. Energy & Environmental Science 15, 1423-1460 (2022).

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41. S. Jia, J. Counsell, M. Adamič, A. Jonderian and E. McCalla*. High-throughput design of Na-Fe-Mn-O cathodes for Na-ion batteries. Journal of Materials Chemistry A 10, 251-265 (2022).

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40. E. McCalla* and S. Jia. Topology for improved batteries. Nature Sustainability 5, 181–182 (2022). Invited News & Views.

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39. E. McCalla*, M. Parmaklis, S. Rehman, E. Anderson, S. Jia, A. Hebert, K. Potts, A. Jonderian, T. Adhikari and M. Adamič. Combinatorial methods in advanced battery materials design. Canadian Journal of Chemistry 100, 132-143. (2022).

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38. E. Hamzehpoor, A. Jonderian, E. McCalla, and D.F. Perepichka*. Synthesis of Boroxine and Dioxaborole Covalent Organic Frameworks via Transesterification and Metathesis of Pinacol Boronates. Journal of the American Chemical Society 143, 13274-13280 (2021).

37. A. Jonderian, M. Ting and E. McCalla*. Metastability in Li–La–Ti–O perovskite materials and its impact on ionic conductivity. Chemistry of Materials 33, 12, 4792–4804 (2021).

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36. A. Hebert and E. McCalla*. The role of metal substitutions in the development of Li batteries, part I: cathodes. Materials Advances, 2, 3474-3518 (2021).

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35. A. Jonderian and E. McCalla*. The role of metal substitutions in the development of Li batteries, part II: solid electrolytes. Materials Advances, 2, 2846-2875 (2021).

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34. T. Adhikari, A. Hebert, M. Adamič, J. Yao, K. Potts and E. McCalla*. Development of high-throughput methods for sodium-ion battery cathodes. ACS Combinatorial Science 22, 311–318 (2020).

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33. M. Ting, M. Burigana, L. Zhang, Y. Z. Finfrock, S. Trabesinger, and E. McCalla*. Impact of nickel substitution into model Li-rich oxide cathode materials for Li-ion batteries. Chemistry of Materials 32, 849-857 (2020).

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32. K. Potts, E Grignon and E. McCalla*. Accelerated Screening of High Energy Li-Ion Battery Cathodes. ACS Applied Energy Materials 2, 8388 (2019).

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Articles prior to McGill

31. E. McCalla, E.E. Levin, J.E. Douglas, J.G. Barker, M. Frontzek, W. Tian, R.M. Fernandes, R. Seshadri, and C. Leighton*. Understanding magnetic phase coexistence in Ru2Mn1−xFexSn Heusler alloys: A neutron scattering, thermodynamic, and phenomenological analysis, Physical Review Materials 5, 064417 (2021).

30. E. McCalla, M. N. Gastiasoro, G. Cassuto, R. Fernandes, and C. Leighton*. Low temperature specific heat of doped SrTiO3: Doping dependence of the effective mass and Kadowaki-Woods scaling violation, Physical Review Materials, Rapid Communications 3, 022001(R) (2019).

29. E. McCalla, D. Phelan, M.J. Krogstad, B. Dabrowski, and C. Leighton*. Electrical transport, magnetic, and thermodynamic properties of La-, Pr-, and Nd-doped BaSnO3-d single crystals, Physical Review Materials 2, 084601 (2018).

28. M. Volk*, E. McCalla, B. Voigt, M. Manno, C. Leighton, and J. Feinberg. Changes in Physical Properties of 4C Pyrrhotite (Fe7S8) across the 32 K Besnus Transition, American Mineralogist: Journal of Earth and Planetary Materials 103, 1674 (2018).

27. P. Pearce, A. Perez, G. Rousse, M. Saubanère, D. Batuk, D. Foix, E. McCalla, A. Abakumov, G. Van Tendeloo, M.-L. Doublet and J.-M. Tarascon*. Evidence for anionic redox activity in a tridimensional ordered Li-rich positive electrode β-Li2IrO3, Nature Materials 16, 580 (2017).

26. E. McCalla, J. Walter and C. Leighton*. A unified view of the substitution-dependent antiferrodistortive phase transition in SrTiO­3, Chemistry of Materials 28, 7973 (2016).

25. A. Perez, D. Batuk, M. Saubanère, G. Rousse, D. Foix, E. McCalla, E.J. Berg, R. Dugas, K. van den Bos, M.-L. Doublet, D. Gonbeau, A. Abakumov, G. Tendeloo, J.-M. Tarascon*. Strong oxygen participation in the redox governing the structural and electrochemical properties of Na-rich layered oxide Na2IrO3, Chemistry of Materials 28, 8278 (2016).

24. M. Saubanère, E. McCalla, J.-M. Tarascon and M.L. Doublet*. The Intriguing Question of Anionic Redox in High-Energy Cathodes for Li-ion Batteries, Energy and Environmental Science 9, 984 (2016).

23. D. Foix, S. Mariyappan, E. McCalla, J.-M. Tarascon, and D. Gonbeau*. X-ray photoemmission spectroscopy study of cationic and anionic redox processes in high – capacity Li-ion battery layered-oxide electrodes, Journal of Physical Chemistry C 120, 862 (2016).

22. E. McCalla, A.M. Abakumov, M. Saubanère, D. Foix, E.J. Berg, G. Rousse, M.-L. Doublet, D. Gonbeau, P. Novák, G. Van Tendeloo, R. Dominko and J.-M. Tarascon*. Visualization of O-O peroxo-like dimers in high-capacity layered oxides for Li-ion batteries, Science 350, 1516 (2015).

21. C.R. Brown, E. McCalla, C. Watson, and J.R. Dahn*. Combinatorial study of the Li-Ni-Mn-Co oxide pseudo-quaternary system for use in Li-ion batteries. ACS Combinatorial Science 17 381 (2015).

20. E. McCalla, A.S. Prakash, E. Berg, M. Saubanère, A.M. Abakumov, D. Foix, B. Klobes, M.-T. Sougrati, G. Rousse, F. Lepoivre, S. Mariyappan, M.-L. Doublet, D. Gonbeau, P. Novak, G. Van Tendeloo, R. Hermann and J.-M. Tarascon*. Reversible Li-intercalation Through Oxygen Reactivity in Li-rich Li-Fe-Te Oxide Materials. Journal of the Electrochemical Society 162 A1341 (2015).

19. E. McCalla, M. Sougrati, A. Abakumov, G. Rousse, E. Berg, K. Ramesha, N. Resham, M. Sathiya, A.S. Prakash, B. Budic, A. Mahdoux, R. Dominko, G. Van Tendeloo, R.P. Hermann, P. Novak, and J.-M. Tarascon*. Understanding the roles of anionic redox and oxygen release in lithium-rich layered Li4FeSbO6. Journal of the American Chemical Society 137 4804 (2015).

18. E. McCalla, A. Abakumov, G. Rousse, M. Reynaud, M. Sougrati, B. Budic, A. Mahdoux, R. Dominko, G. Van Tendeloo, R.P. Hermann, and J.-M. Tarascon*. Novel complex stacking of fully ordered transition metal layers in Li4FeSbO6 materials. Chemistry of Materials 27 1699 (2015).

17. A.W. Rowe, J. Camardese, E. McCalla and J.R. Dahn*, High Precision Coulometry Studies of Single-Phase Layered Compositions in the Li-Mn-Ni-O System, Journal of the Electrochemical Society 161 A1189 (2014).

16. J. Camardese, D. Abarbanel, E. McCalla and J.R. Dahn*, Synthesis of Spherical Core-Shell Ni(OH)2-Ni1/2Mn1/2(OH)2 particles via a Continuously Stirred Tank Reactor, Journal of the Electrochemical Society 161, A890 (2014).

15. J. Camardese, E. McCalla, D. Abarbanel and J.R. Dahn*, Determination of Shell Thickness of Spherical Core-Shell NixMn(1-x)(OH)2 Particles via Absorption

Calculations of X-Ray Diffraction Patterns, Journal of the Electrochemical Society 161, A814 (2014).

14. E. McCalla, J. Li, A.W. Rowe, and J.R. Dahn*, The Negative Impact of Layered-Layered Composites on the Electrochemistry of Li-Mn-Ni-O Positive Electrodes for Lithium-Ion Batteries, Journal of the Electrochemical Society 161, A606 (2014).

13. C.R. Brown, E. McCalla, and J.R. Dahn*, Analysis of the cubic spinel region of the Li–Co–Mn oxide pseudo-ternary system, Solid State Ionics 253, 234 (2013).

12. E. McCalla, A.W. Rowe, J. Camardese, and J.R. Dahn*, The role of metal site vacancies in promoting Li-Mn-Ni-O layered solid-solutions, Chemistry of Materials 25, 2716 (2013).

11. E. McCalla, A.W. Rowe, C.R. Brown, L.R.P. Hacquebard and J.R. Dahn*. How phase transformations during cooling affect Li-Mn-Ni-O positive electrodes in lithium ion batteries, Journal of the Electrochemical Society 160, A1134 (2013).

10. E. McCalla and J.R. Dahn*, The spinel and cubic rocksalt solid-solutions in the Li-Mn-Ni oxide pseudo-ternary system, Solid State Ionics 242, 1 (2013).

9. E. McCalla, A.W. Rowe, R. Shunmugasundaram and J.R. Dahn*, A structural study of the Li-Mn-Ni oxide pseudo-ternary system of interest for positive electrodes of Li-ion batteries, Chemistry of Materials 25, 989 (2013).

8. E. McCalla, C.M. Lowartz, C.R. Brown and J.R. Dahn*, The formation of layered-layered composites in the Li-Co-Mn oxide pseudo-ternary system during slow cooling, Chemistry of Materials 25, 912 (2013).

7. E. McCalla, G.H. Carey and J.R. Dahn*, Lithium loss mechanisms during synthesis of layered LixNi2−xO2 for lithium ion batteries, Solid State Ionics, 219, 11 (2012).

6. S. Amokrane, Y. Djaoued*, B. Subramanian, J. Robichaud, E. McCalla, R. Brüning, A. Benrejdal. Synthesis and characterization of novel nanorod superstructures and twin octahedral morphologies of WO3 by hydrothermal treatment, Materials Chemistry and Physics 136, 80 (2012).

5. R. Brüning*, B. Muir, E. McCalla, É. Lempereur, F. Brüning, J. Etzkomb. Strain in electroless copper films monitored by X-ray diffraction during and after deposition and its dependence on bath chemistry, Thin Solid Films 519, 4377 (2011).

4. K. Xia, D. Ferguson, Y. Djaoued*, J. Robichaud, N. Tchoukanov, R. Brüning, E. McCalla. Template-free synthesis and photocatalytic activity of hierarchical porous titania with controlled texture and crystalline structure, Applied Catalysis A: General 387, 231 (2010).

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2. D. H. Ryan*, A.D. Beath, E. McCalla, J. van Lierop, and J.M. Cadogan. Transverse spin freezing in a-(Fe1-xMnx)78Si8B14: A site-frustrated metallic glass, Physical Review B 67, 104404 (2003).

1. E. McCalla and R. Brüning*. Amorphization of crystalline orthoboric acid on a vitreous B2O3 substrate, Journal of Material Research 17, 3098 (2002).




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