Accelerated Materials Discovery and Design

Infrastructure used by the McCalla lab, typical data produced and a recent group picture.

Our research is focused on the design of new functional materials using high-throughput experimentation.

With both industrial and academic collaborators, we are developing novel materials for:

  • cathodes for Li-ion batteries with partner Umicore and past partners Samsung and Nemaska Lithium
  • anodes for ultra safe batteries with partner Medtronic
  • cathodes for Na-ion batteries with partner Umicore
  • solid electrolytes for all-solid-batteries with partner Hydro-Quebec and past partner Samsung
  • delafossite semiconductors
  • efficient electrosynthesis of organic molecules
  • iron to be used as a fuel source

Given our focus on generating large accurate datasets, we are actively working on applying machine learning methods to better understand our data and guide further study.

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