Group members

Principal Investigator:

Eric McCalla, Assistant Professor

Eric McCallaB.Sc. (Mount Allison University, 2000), M.Sc. (McGill University, 2002), B.Ed. (Memorial University of Newfoundland, 2005), Ph.D. (Dalhousie University, 2013)
Postdocs at the Collège-de-France (Paris, France, 2014-2015) and the University of Minnesota (Minneapolis, USA, 2015-2017)

Member of the McGill Centre for Innovation in Storage and Conversion of Energy (McISCE), the Quebec Centre for Advanced Materials (QCAM), the Center in Green Chemistry and Catalysis (CGCC), the McGill Sustainability Systems Innatiative (MSSI), the Centre of Physics of Materials (CPM) and a collaborator with the FRQNT Regrougement Québecois sur les Matériaux de Pointe.

Office: OM 429
Phone: (514) 398-1074

Full publication list available at google scholar.

eric.mccalla [at]

Post-doctoral fellows

Dr. Antoine Juneau

Antoine Juneau headshotBSc, MSc, PhD (Université du Québec à Montréal)

In January 2023, Antoine joined the McCalla group after successfully completing his Ph.D. at Université du Québec à Montréal. His project is a collaborative effort with Prof. Janine Mauzeroll and aims to develop high-throughput methodologies for electrosynthesis and apply them to hypervalent-iodine mediated electrosynthesis.

antoine.juneau [at]

Dr. Parisa Vahdatkhah

Parisa headshot.parisa.vahdatkhah [at]

Ph.D. Students:

Alex Hebert

Alex Hebert, at some vague point in historyB.Sc. (Acadia University, 2019)

Alex hails from Dartmouth NS, joining the group in fall 2019 after completing a BScH in chemistry from Acadia University. Currently, he is working on optimizing high-throughput techniques to characterize large regions of the NMC cathode space in order to uncover high performance materials for next-gen batteries. Previously he worked on investigating shuttle reactions in Li-ion cells in the Dahn group at Dalhousie University, as well as completing two internships with Tesla’s battery research division. Outside the lab, he can be found lounging in a café, taking in the classic cult comedy Community for the 7th time, or trying to find the hottest up-and-coming alt-indie tracks (follow him on Spotify).

alexander.hebert [at]

Ethan Anderson

Ethan AndersonB.Sc. (McGill University, 2019)

Ethan joined the group after completing his B.Sc. at McGill in 2019. Currently he is working on mapping the phase space of the Li-ion solid electrolyte Li7La3Zr2O12 and related Li-La-Zr-O compositions using high-throughput synthesis and characterization techniques developed by the group. He is also working with Dr. Khaliullin of McGill developing a force field based method of simulating lithium diffusion in the similar Li-La-Ti-O system. In his spare time Ethan can be found at the gym or playing computer or board games with friends.

ethan.anderson [at]

Shipeng Jia

B.Sc. (Southern University of Technology and Science, 2019)

After completing his B.Sc. at SUSTech in Shenzhen, Shipeng took interest in battery research for its ability to provide clean and environmentally friendly energy. Since joining the group in 2020 he now works on high-throughput synthesis and characterization of sodium-ion cathode materials. In his spare time Shipeng enjoys cooking and can often be found playing snooker or soccer.

shipeng.jia [at]

Marzieh Abdolhosseini

Marzieh AbdolhosseiniB.Sc. (K.N.Toosi University of Technology, 2017)
M.Sc. (University of Tehran, 2019)

Marzieh joined the group in the Fall of 2021 and is now working on making improved cathodes for Na-ion batteries.

marzieh.abdolhosseini [at]

Nooshin Zeinali Galabi

Office: OM 430
nooshin.zeinaligalabi [at]

Michael Sieffert

Michael SieffertB.Sc. (California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo)
Born and raised in California, Michael obtained his B.Sc. in 2021. Before starting at McGill, he worked in many different fields of chemistry from polymer synthesis to spectroscopy of organometallic ligands.  In the McCalla lab, he works on developing new safe high power anodes relying primarily on Nb. In his free time, Michael can often be found reading, learning languages or spending time outside cross country skiing.

michael.sieffert [at]

Jean-Danick Lavertu

Jean-Danick Lavertujean-danick.lavertu [at]

Masters Student:

Leyth Saglio

Visiting MSc scholar (January 2024 - ).

Elliot Zolfaghar

elliot.zolfaghar [at]

Mohammed Ataya

B.Sc. (American University of Beirut, 2017)
M.Sc. (American University of Beirut, 2020)

Mohamad Ataya completed his M.Sc. in chemistry at the American University of Beirut in Lebanon and is the recipient of the Abdul Hadi Debs Endowment Award for Academic Excellence. He joined the group in the Fall of 2020 as a co-advised PhD student (Adviser: Rustam Khaliullin). The focus of his research work is the rapid development of solid-state electrolytes using machine learning methods and generative AI for use in batteries. Mohamad enjoys serving at his church in south of Lebanon (Tyre Church) and participates in humanitarian relief work with refugees. In his spare time Mohamad appreciates sightseeing natural landscapes.

mohamad.ataya [at]

Marc Kamel

Marc Kamel.B.Eng (American University of Beirut, Lebanon)

Marc joined the McCalla lab in 2022, co-supervised by Dr. Kirk Bevan. As one of the lab's best (and only) engineer, he focuses on synthesizing and characterizing delafossite semiconducting oxides in both polycrystalline and single crystal forms and also performs DFT calculations to support the experiments. Outside the lab, Marc can be found playing chess, watching anime or movies and discovering new Rubik’s cubes.

marc.kamel2 [at]

Stephanie Bazylevych

Stephanie Bazylevych.Stephanie comes from Calgary, AB  and completed her B.Sc. at McGill in 2023. Previously, she held a food science internship in a Calgary-based kombucha brewery, worked on cathode coatings, and worked on mussel-inspired metallopolymers. She returned to the McCalla lab to work on high-power Nb-based anodes. In her free time, Stephanie enjoys climbing, painting, going to the cinema, and scouting new cafes.

stephanie.Bazylevych [at]



Undergraduate researchers

Sibyl Martasek

September 2023 -

Lex Rouquette

January 2024 -

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