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Visits by external collaborators

FALL 2011

September 26-27  Daniel Büring  (Universität Wien)

Mini workshop and mini course  -- all events take place in the Linguistics Building (1085 Dr. Penfield) 

September 26   

Mini workshop   (Room 117)

2:30    Bagels and juice.

2:45-3:15  Alan Bale: Multidimensional Adjectives

3:15-3:45  Schwartz, Buccola & Hamilton: Two types of class B numeral modifiers: a reply to Nouwen (2010)

Short break

3.55-4.25  Walter Pedersen: Implicit arguments, Focus and Coordination

4.25-4.55 Aron Hirsch & Michael Wagner: Prosodic Effects of Topicality

September 27  

Mini course by Daniel Büring (Room 002)

1:30-3:30  Non at-issue meanings: Introduction and Case Studies.



May 12-13  David Embick (UPenn) visiting McSIRG

All events take place in Room 002

Mini seminar

May 12 

12:30-2:30    Part I: General issues in allomorphy/domains/etc.

3:30-5:30  Part II: Extension to stem allomorphy/stem suppletion

May 13 

12:30-2:30   Part III: Issues on the phonological side particularly w.r.t. when material is "(in)active" in the phase-cyclic sense.

Mini workshop

3:30-5:30  with presentations and discussion. Focus on domains.



May 25-28. All talks in Room 117, except Thursday 2-4 pm in room 002

    Angelika Kratzer and Elisabeth Selkirk (UMass, Amherst)

    Tuesday 1:30-3pm
    Syntax-Prosodic Structure Interface I (Selkirk) Reading: The Syntax-Phonology Interface
    Wednesday 10-11:30am
    Syntax-Prosodic Structure Interface II (Selkirk)
    Thursday 10:30 am
    Discussion of Kratzer & Selkirk 2007 Phase theory and prosodic spellout: The case of verbs with the authors. Please read the paper beforehand.
    Thursday 2-4 pm, room 002
    The Grammar of Focus and Givenness (Kratzer and Selkirk)

    Friday 9:30-12:30 am


    David-Étienne Bouchard
    Long-distance comparatives and direct comparison.
    Glyne Piggott & Lisa Travis
    Hard edges inside words. Evidence from Ojibwe.
    Bernhard Schwarz & Junko Shimoyama
    Update on negative islands, gradable predicates, and discreteness of measurement in Japanese.
    Heather Goad & Lydia White
    Prosodic Transfer and the Representation of Interlanguage Articles.

    A potluck dinner from 6-9 pm at Junko and Bernhard's house will end the McSIRG week. Please see the sign-up sheet in the photocopy room.

May 3 - 5 David Embick (UPenn) visiting McSIRG

May 4, 9 a.m. -12 p.m. in Room 117

    Bethany Lochbihler: Morpho-syntactic obviation in Algonquian
    Eva Melkonyan: Distribution of the definite article in Armenian
    Glyne Piggott & Lisa Travis: Word internal adjuncts in Ojibwa

May 5, 3 p.m. ARTS 160

All are welcome.

March 31 - April 1 Danny Fox (MIT) visiting McSIRG

March 31 2:35 pm in RPHYS 114

April 1 2-5 pm in Room 117

    Alexandra Simonenko: Adjectival modification patterns within definite DP in Mainland Scandinavian
    Jozina Vander Klok: Prosodic deaccentuation in English and French
    Junko Shimoyama and Bernhard Schwarz: Negative islands, gradable predicates, and discreteness of measurement in Japanese

All are welcome.

Followed by a potluck party.
Details to be emailed.
Please sign up for it on the sheet posted in the copy room.

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