Junko Shimoyama (she/her)

Academic title(s): 

Associate Professor, Department of Linguistics

Junko Shimoyama (she/her)
Contact Information

1085 Dr. Penfield, Room #219
Montréal, QC

Email address: 
junko.shimoyama [at] mcgill.ca
Office hours: 

By appointment 


PhD, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Areas of expertise: 

Syntax, Syntax/Semantics Interface, East Asian Languages.

Selected publications: 

Full Publication Listing

Diversity in embedding strategies: what under-represented languages can tell us; SSHRC Insight Grant; Junko Shimoyama (PI) & Keir Moulton (co-PI); 2022-2026

Non-canonical relative clauses: universals and variation in compositionality; SSHRC Insight Grant; Junko Shimoyama (PI) & Keir Moulton (co-PI); 2015-2019

Modality in the nominal domain; SSHRC Insight Grant; Luis Alonso-Ovalle (PI), Bernhard Schwarz & Junko Shimoyama (co-PI); 2013-2017

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