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Qualifying Year

Applicants whose application files show strong evidence for truly outstanding potential despite a lack of background in linguistics may be considered for admission to a Qualifying Year (QY).  Several students have successfully used this program to transition into the field of linguistics from other fields (e.g., from Math, or Political Science). The QY in Linguistics is very small and very selective - we typically admit no more than one QY student per year, and sometimes none. 

The application procedure for the Qualifying Year is the same as for our M.A. and Ph.D. program, with an application deadline that is usually in early December, to be admitted for the fall term of the following year. We do not offer funding for the QY.

The Qualifying year permits students to make up the gaps in their background by taking appropriate undergraduate courses. Students in the QY will normally be required to take the following undergraduate courses: Phonetics (LING 330), Phonology I (LING 331), Syntax I (LING 371), Introduction to Semantics (LING 360), Morphology (LING 440), plus three other courses. 

Students typically take a QY in order to apply for a M.A. or a Ph.D, program in Linguistics in the following year.  Admission to the QY does not automatically guarantee subsequent admission to our M.A. or Ph.D. program. 


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