The Experience of Graduate Studies in Law

On this page, our students and graduates explain what graduate studies have meant to them.

First, Daniel Clarry, an LLM graduate from Australia, talks about his legal background, his research interests, and why he came to McGill to complete a master's degree.

Next, Kate Glover, a DCL graduate from Canada, shares with us her research interests and what led her to undertake a doctoral degree at McGill.


« What has impressed me most is not just the level of intellectual engagement I have experienced here at McGill, but the generosity of spirit I encountered both in my supervisor and in many other professors who were most helpful and encouraging when I sought them out to ask for guidance or advice. »
Thomas McMorrow (Canada), DCL 2012 graduate

« My expectation of McGill as a top-notch institution of higher learning is confirmed! McGill is simply the Harvard of Canada!! »
Poku Adusei (Ghana), DCL 2012 graduate

Nelcy López Cuéllar

«A doctoral student needs permanent academic support and enhancement. My involvement in different activities where I could interact as a peer with many professors inspired me and reassured me on my scholarly choice.

From 2007 to date, I attended and participated in the Law and Arts Colloquium, the McGill Faculty of Law Spanish Language Initiative, and the Faculty Workshops where McGill Law Professors share their work in progress.

My DCL was a continuing growing process in which I evolved as a scholar. Since the start of my residence period, McGill provided me high quality research preparation and guidance. »
Nelcy López Cuéllar (Colombia), DCL 2012 graduate

« There is a fine collegial atmosphere at the Faculty. Apart from the opportunity for doctoral candidates to interact, there are opportunities for students to speak and network with faculty members.

Some of the most enjoyable moments of my doctoral and master’s education at the Faculty have been discussions with my respective thesis supervisors. They have both been open to hearing my ideas while constructively challenging me on my positions and assumptions, helping to better craft my work. »

Amar Khoday (Canada), DCL 2014 graduate

Vincent Joël Prouxl

« the Faculty of Law’s doctoral community is as intellectually rich as it is diverse. Bound by the objectives of academic curiosity and critical thought, its members contribute to a wonderful environment for the mutual exchange of ideas and provide a propitious forum for challenging ourselves and the assumptions underlying our respective work.

McGill's Faculty of Law offers the opportunity to engage with leading legal minds in various fields. A veritable carrefour of word-class professors and policymakers, the Faculty provides an ideal environment to facilitate our transition into the academic world.»
Vincent-Joël Proulx (Canada) DCL 2011 graduate

Melissa Martins Casagrande

« The Faculty of Law and the Nahum Gelber Law Library offered me an environment that was ideal for the development of graduate-level research. From courses to seminars and special lectures, students are always motivated to think “outside of the box” and not a single idea is ever discouraged on the basis of traditional or formalistic understandings of the law. This enabled the development of research with freedom, academic self-confidence and an innovative mindset. The broad access to research sources and the support of the library staff foster the relevance of the work produced by doctoral students at the Faculty.

Professors make use of innovative and engaging teaching methods. The Centres, Institutes, etc. promote interesting and fruitful spaces for the exchange of ideas between doctoral students and faculty members. These small and close-knit research communities facilitate the insertion of doctoral students as strong contributors in their chosen fields. »
Melissa Martins-Casagrande (Brazil), DCL 2011 graduate

« I did the LL.M. at McGill, and I came back to pursue doctoral studies. Doesn’t that say enough? McGill and its Faculty of Law create a very stimulating environment. There are so many interesting people to meet who do care about you and your research. Professors really care about the supervision of DCL candidates: They simply want to support us and our research."  »
Philipp Kastner (Austria), LLM 2008 & DCL 2014

« Toutes les fois que je visite la Faculté de droit, je me sens comme chez moi. Il règne une ambiance familiale. »
Alain Parent, DCL 2015 graduate

Enrique Boone Barrera

« The Law Faculty at McGill has a transsystemic approach to law which gives me the advantage, as a civilian trained lawyer, to have access to professors that are proficient in both civil and common law.

This unique advantage gives me the opportunity to compare different experiences with the law in both traditions. »
Enrique Boone Barrera, DCL 2014 graduate

« The atmosphere at the Faculty is relaxed; the professors are approachable and enjoy discussion with students. My thesis supervisor was extremely knowledgeable, and always available for discussion and comments on a very short notice. He proved to be great mentor and a model professor me and other students. »
Catherine Piché (Canada) DCL 2011 graduate

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