Vincent Forray takes the directorship of the Crépeau Centre


Vincent Forray

The Faculty is pleased to announce that Professor Vincent Forray has been appointed Director of the Paul-André Crépeau Centre for Private and Comparative Law for a two-year term. His mandate will begin on July 1, 2018.

Professor Vincent Forray teaches legal theory, contractual obligations, and foundational courses within the civil law. He conducts critical transsystemic research on the law of obligations and consumer law. In 2017, he co-authored the monograph Décrire le droit… et le transformer. He is the co-founder of Jurisprudence—Revue critique in France, and is in charge, with others, of book reviews for the Revue trimestrielle de droit civil.

“Professor Forray brings his considerable energies and experience to his new role, along with a clear vision of the potential for the Centre to play a key role in intensifying connections between colleagues within the faculty, among our sister faculties of the civil law, and beyond,” said Dean Robert Leckey. “He appreciates the Centre’s multiple identities as the Francophone locus for scholarship within the Faculty of Law and the sole unit carrying on fundamental research and continuing legal education on the civil law in English.”

The Faculty is grateful to Professor Yaëll Emerich for her contributions to the Centre during her term as Director. Under her leadership, the Centre continued its rich program of research through, notably, the Civil Law Workshops and annual Summer Institute of Jurilinguistics. The Centre held special conferences on transsystemic legal education and on access to land. “I am grateful for Professor Emerich’s generous contributions to the Centre, including a broadening of its interdisciplinary engagement through her superb conference relating to land and her Civil Law Workshops,” said Dean Robert Leckey.