Seven Clerks for Seven Judges


Published: 4Apr2014
L-R: Olga Redko, Marion Sandilands, Allison Render & Lawrence David.

The Faculty warmly congratulates the seven Law students who have just been given the nod to clerk at the Supreme Court of Canada in 2015-2016. They are:

  • Siena Anstis (Justice Cromwell);
  • Edward Béchard-Torres (A justice to be named from Quebec);
  • William Colish (Justice Rothstein’s successor);
  • Lawrence David (Justice Abella);
  • Olga Redko (A second justice to be named from Quebec);
  • Allison Render (Justice Moldaver); and
  • Marion Sandilands (Justice Karakatsanis)

Each year, the Court selects 27 law graduates from across the country to research points of law, prepare memoranda and provide assistance to the nine justices. Clerks are expected to be fluent in English and French as well as able to understand both common law and civil law, requirements that graduates of McGill’s integrated BCL/LLB program are well-prepared to meet.

Indeed, in the past 13 years, the Court has selected an impressive 85 McGill students as clerks; the last time seven clerks were drafted was back in 2010. McGill’s record of eight Supreme Court of Canada clerks (2007) remains as yet unbroken, however.

We wish this year’s roster the best of luck in their future endeavours in Ottawa!