Diamond Jubilee Medals for McGill Law Community

Margaret Somerville and Rod Macdonald were awarded medals on February 18, 2013
Published: 18 April 2013

More than a dozen members of the McGill Faculty of Law community have received Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medals this year.

The award, which was created in 2012 to mark the 60th anniversary of Her Majesty’s accession to the Throne, recognizes individuals who have made a significant contribution to Canadian society. In total, 60,000 Canadian medals were awarded in ceremonies occurring throughout the year.

The Faculty congratulates each of its Faculty members, including Professor Jean-Guy Belley, Professor Adelle Blackett, Dean Daniel Jutras, Justice and former Dean Nicholas Kasirer, Professor and former Dean Roderick Macdonald (in photo), former Professor Desmond Manderson, Emeritus Professor Nicolas Mateesco Matte (Institute of Air and Space Law) and Professor Margaret Somerville (Founding Director, Centre for Medicine, Ethics and Law; in photo), and former Professor and Dean Stephen Toope.

Kudos are also due to our alumni, including Stuart H. Cobbett (BCL’72); Robert Couzin (BCL’72); Hugo Cyr (BCL’97, LLB’97); Guy Fortin (BCL’76); Marie Giguère  (BCL’72); Sandra Leduc (BCL’99, LLB’99); Eric Maldoff (BCL’74, LLB’75); Geeta Narang (BCL'00); Vincent Prager (BCL’67); Jeremy Reitman (BCL’69); Michael L. Richards (BCL’63); Liliane M. Stewart (LLD’99); Tamara Thermitus (LLM’13); Martine Turcotte (BCL’82, LLB’83); Manon Vennat (BCL’65); and Peter Villani (BCL’85, LLB’85), each of whom deservedly received a Diamond Jubilee Medal.

If you know of any other members of the McGill Law community who have also received this honour, please [at] (contact the Faculty). You may also wish to notify the Secretariat of the Board of Governors to have their names added to McGill University’s master list of medal recipients.

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