Dean Robert Leckey receives honorary Scarlet Key

Dean Robert Leckey
Published: 25 March 2024

The Faculty of Law is delighted to announce that Dean Robert Leckey, Ad E, has received an honorary Scarlet Key from McGill’s century-old Scarlet Key Society. He was presented with the award at the Society’s annual key-pinning ceremony on 20 March.

“The Society is pleased to extend this honour in recognition and thanks for both your active support of many recipients of the Scarlet Key in past years, your transformation of the McGill Law experience to continue to reflect and advance the values of the next generation of jurists, and your strong support of extra-curricular life, from academic debates, to clubs, and events,” read Antoney Bell, BA’22, vice-president of the Scarlet Key Society. “You have consistently chosen to believe that student leadership is an asset to McGill.”

Established in 1925, the Scarlet Key recognizes outstanding contributions from student leaders who go above and beyond in their dedication to life outside of the classroom - providing the social fabric of the greater McGill community, seeking to give back, make a difference, do better, care, or simply bring people together in cause or laughter.

Every few years, the Scarlet Society awards honorary keys to members of the McGill community or alumni who are integral in supporting student leaders or otherwise engaging in incredible leadership outside of McGill. Dean Leckey is the 11th recipient of this prestigious recognition.

“Involvement in student life outside the classroom can foster bonds of respect, trust, friendship, even love between classmates and other fellow students, bringing together folks who might not otherwise meet in class,” Dean Leckey shared in his keynote address to the new Scarlet Key recipients. “You build networks that will last you a lifetime – and believe me, the network of the global McGill alumni community is powerful indeed.”

The select cohort of students honoured this year included graduating law student Shona Moreau, BCL/JD’24.



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