Strategic Space Law Course 2019



The Centre for Research in Air and Space Law has organized Strategic Space Law course, the world's first course focusing on various legal and policy considerations surrounding the strategic uses of outer space since 2015.

Armed forces have not had to comprehensively consider the application of law to the use of force and the rules of engagement in outer space. Conflict in the space domain is now a possibility that cannot be dismissed and this course provides a unique opportunity for lawyers and other professionals in the defense services, international relations, government, international organisations, law firms, consulting firms and industry around the world to study space law in a strategic context.

The Strategic Space Law Course is a 4-day intensive, interdisciplinary, international and interactive workshop held annually in Montreal, Canada.. It is jointly organised with Mr. Gilles Doucet of Spectrum Space Security Inc, and will feature lectures delivered by world-class academics, legal and policy advisors and subject-matter experts drawn from government, civil society and the commercial sector.

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Contact Information

Mr. David Kuan-Wei Chen
Institute of Air and Space Law
kuan-wei.chen [at]