Law Faculty “Town Hall” Consultation on Sustainability


Chancellor Day Hall NCDH 201, 3644 rue Peel, Montreal, QC, H3A 1W9, CA

Students, Faculty and Staff members of the faculty community are invited to a town hall consultation on sustainability organised by students in collaboration with the newly struck Sustainability Committee. This is meant as a listening exercise seeking input on principles that should inform the Committee’s future work, ideas for initiatives and awareness campaigns and information that the Committee should consider as it drafts a Faculty Sustainability Strategy.

Questions to be fielded to the audience and documents that you wish to bring to the committee’s attention should be submitted to lsa.sustainability.committee [at]

Lunch will be served.


*Construction work on Peel Street is suspended until March. Vehicular traffic and parking is allowed again. All sidewalks are accessible to pedestrians. For more information on access to the building, visit the faculty's website:

*The building is accessible to persons with reduced mobility.

*Single stall washrooms are located on the 2nd floor, changing tables and nursing zones are also available:

*The consultation will be held in French and English simultaneously.