'Corporate Purpose’ And The Urgency Of Transformation

Wednesday, November 8, 2023 14:30to15:30
Room NCDH 312

BLP / SGI-OSF Seminars in Business & Society 2023-2024

Coro Strandberg - President, Strandberg Consulting Founding Chair, Canadian Purpose Economy Project

Moderator/Commentator: Professor Richard Janda, McGill University, Faculty of Law

Rising inequality, accelerating climate change, increasing biodiversity loss, and escalating social polarization are driving a search for solutions to put humanity on a sustainable path. Some businesses and business leaders are mobilizing their organizations to be a greater force for good – through the power of a social purpose business model. In this talk, Coro Strandberg, a leading corporate purpose expert, will provide an overview of the social purpose business trend, including, what it is and why it matters. She will situate this trend in the context of strategies underway to create an enabling environment for social purpose business in Canada to start, transition, thrive and grow, and challenge us all to think more deeply about the potential of unlocking the power of business to create a better world.

The discussion with Coro will be moderated by Professor Richard Janda, who co-authored a seminal report on purpose legislation, specifically “Bringing Corporate Purpose into the Mainstream: Directors for Canadian Law” published by the David Suzuki Foundation.

BIO: Coro Strandberg is the President of Strandberg Consulting, a nationally recognized expert and thought leader on transformational sustainability leadership, with over 30 years experience advising business, governments, and associations on strategies to accelerate sustainability in the marketplace. She is the Co-founder of the United Way BC Social Purpose Institute and Founding Chair of the Canadian Purpose Economy Project, roles in which she helps build the ecosystem to accelerate social purpose in business. Coro has over 20 years of experience as a corporate director and is a long-time faculty member for The Directors College and Governance Professionals of Canada where she trains directors and governance professionals on the governance of purpose, sustainability, and stakeholder relationships. She is a director of BC Lottery Corporation, and advisor to the Federal Office of the Auditor General Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development.

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