The Charter, Indigeneity and the Right to Health

Monday, November 1, 2021 16:30to18:00
Zoom: https://mcgill.zoom.us/j/86282997844

The McGill Journal of Law and Health (MJLH) presents a panel event on "The Charter, Indigeneity and the Right to Health".

Our distinguished panelists will each speak for 10 minutes on current issues surrounding their areas of expertise and then the 'Zoom floor' will be opened for questions and a collaborative discussion.

Topics will include rights to healthcare for treaty First Nations, collaborative and sustainable approaches to Indigenous health issues, medical liability and Indigenous health practices, and class action efforts regarding the forced sterilization of Indigenous women.


  • Alisa Lombard - Partner, Semaganis Worme Lombard
  • Amy Westland - Senior Counsel, Westaway Law Group
  • Virginia Lomax - Counsel, Westaway Law Group
  • Keith LeClaire - PATHWAYS Advisory Circle Chair, PATHWAYS National Indigenous Advisory Circle
  • Allison Deer - Bimaadzwin, Senior Projects Advisor & PATHWAYS Project Manager

The McGill Journal of Law and Health

The MJLH is a peer-reviewed academic journal featuring literature from renowned academics and practitioners on current issues of law and policy relating to health. Publishing annually since 2007 on topics ranging from medical practice and technology, to intellectual property and medical ethics, the MJLH is a bilingual, student-run venture based at the Faculty of Law of McGill University, and operates within an interdisciplinary and transsystemic framework of legal scholarship.

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