Annual Doctoral Retreat


Thomson House Ballroom, 3650 rue McTavish, Montreal, QC, H3A 1Y2, CA

This year's doctoral Retreat topic is “Research, Wellbeing, and Career: A DCL Symphony in Three Movements.”

RSVP to di.mei [at] by 17 September. Please mention any dietary restrictions.

This year’s edition focuses on these three fundamental themes and an array of interesting sub-themes that are important to all categories of DCLs. Specifically, the panels have been planned to ensure that participants learn how to cultivate and build an effective relationship with their supervisors and committee members; take advantage of the abundant resources available within and outside the Faculty, including library resources, conference platforms and publication opportunities; develop the necessary skills that would ensure a smooth doctoral experience and leverage on the DCL to make the best career decisions.

The panelists—who consist of Professors from the Faculty, experts from different sections of the university, recent DCL graduates, fellow doctoral students, and post doctoral researchers—have proven competence to engage these issues and have been carefully selected to steer the discussions at the retreat, as well as provide answers to any lingering questions you may have.