Giuliana Minghelli

Associate Professor

giuliana.minghelli [at] (email)

I studied German and English literature at the University of Pisa.  From Italy I transferred to the Johns Hopkins University where I received my MA and PhD in Italian Studies.  Before arriving at McGill, I taught at the University of Wisconsin Madison, the University of Colorado Boulder and Harvard University.  Presently, I am Associate Professor in LLC with a specialization in Italian and European cinema and culture. Working at the intersection of literature, cinema and photography, I am interested in the ways various media engage with modernism, post-war culture, and the colonial/postcolonial.  Questions of history, ethics and memory inform my work on visual and popular culture.  My latest book Cinema Year Zero: Landscape and Memory in Post-Fascist Italian Film appeared with Routledge in 2013.  A new book, Stillness in Motion:  Italy, Photography and the Meanings of Modernity, appeared with University of Toronto Press in 2015.  Focusing on photography as artistic medium, everyday practice and cultural object, this edited volume explores the relations that Italian culture entertained with technology and modernity from the Unification to the contemporary moment.  I previously explored the dialogue between photography and other media in a 2009 edited volume: The Modern Image: Intersections of Photography, Cinema and Literature in Italian Culture. My first book, In the Shadow of the Mammoth: Italo Svevo and the Emergence of Modernism (University of Toronto Press, 2003), is a study of gender and the ethics of modernism.  I am currently working on a book on shame, historical forgetting and modern media as technologies of memory in post-war culture.  I am a practicing photographer; a sample of my work is on view on my web site