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Lyudmila Parts
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Russian Studies

Professor, MA and PhD (Columbia) [at]

Lyudmila Parts is the author of In Search of the True Russia. The Provinces in Contemporary Nationalist Discourse (2018); The Chekhovian Intertext: Dialogue with a Classic” (2008) and the editor of Goncharov in the Twenty-First Century (with Ingrid Kleespies, 2021) and The Russian 20th Century Short Story: A Critical Companion (2009). Research and teaching interests include 19th and 20th century literature, Chekhov, post-Soviet literature, cultural representations of nationalism, genre theory, the travelogue, and symbolic geography. She has published articles on the provincial myth and national identity, and on the micro-encounters and the narrator in the Russian travelogue. Her current research is on the cultural discourses that led to, and shape Russian aggression against Ukraine.


Selected publications: 


In Search of the True Russia. The Provinces in Contemporary Nationalist Discourse. Madison: The University of Wisconsin Press, 2018.

Russian translation: В поисках истинной России. Провинция в современном националистическом дискурсе. Ст-Петербург: Академический проект, 2021.

The Chekhovian Intertext: Dialogue with a Classic. Columbus: The Ohio State University Press, 2008.


Edited volumes:

Goncharov in the Twenty-First Century. Edited and with an introduction, with Ingrid Kleespies. Boston: Academic Studies Press, 2021.

The Russian 20th Century Short Story: A Critical Companion. Edited and with an introduction. Boston: Academic Studies Press, 2009.

Recent publications:

“The Short Story,” in The New Cambridge History of Russian Literature. Ed. by Simon Franklin, Rebecca Reich and Emma Widdis. Cambridge University Press, 2023.

“Maiakovskii Abroad in Colour and Sound: My Discovery of America.” Canadian Slavonic Papers 64 (2022): 317-334.

“Laughing all the way:” Laughter and Identity in Karamzin’s Letters of a Russian Traveler. SEEJ 65:3 (2021): 399-416.

“Who are You Laughing at? Identity, Laughter, and Colonial Discourse in Goncharov’s Frigate Pallada.” In Goncharov in the Twenty-First Century. Ed. Ingrid Kleespies and Lyudmila Parts. Boston: Academic Studies Press, 2021: 193-216.

“Karamzin’s Traveler Meets the Locals: Micro-Encounters in Letters of a Russian Traveler.” Russian Review, vol. 78, n. 4 (2019): 641-655.

“’How is Voronezh not Paris?’ City Branding in the Russian Provinces.” In Russia's Regional Identities: The Power of the Provinces. Ed. Edith Clowes, Gisela Erbslöh, and Ani Kokobobo. London, New York: Routledge, 2018: 120-140.

“The Russian Provinces as a Cultural Myth.” Studies in Russian and Soviet Cinema 10:3 (2016): 200-205.

“Chekhov's Seagull in Postmodern Times: Boris Akunin and Tennessee Williams.” MLA Approaches to Teaching Chekhov. Ed. Michael Holquist, Michael Finke. New York: MLA, 2016: 106-113.

“Boris Akunin’s Postmodern Chaika.” Russian Literature 82 (2016): 37-47.

“Topography of Post-Soviet Nationalism: the Provinces – the Capital – the West.” Slavic Review, vol. 74, n. 3 (2015): 508-528.


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