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Karin Bauer is Professor of German Studies and editor of Seminar: A Journal of Germanic Studies. She was chair of the Department of German Studies (2000-11) and the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures (2011-14). Professor Bauer also served as president of the Canadian Association of University Teachers of German from 2002-04. She is a member of several editorial boards, including the boards of Journal of Literary Theory and KRTIKE: An Online Journal of Philosophy.

She came to McGill in 1994. Previously, she was assistant professor of German at Michigan State University and teaching associate and lecturer at the University of Washington. She also taught at the German Summer School in Taos.

Professor Bauer received her Ph.D. in Germanics from the University of Washington in 1992 with a dissertation on Friedrich Nietzsche and Theodor W. Adorno under the supervision of Ernst Behler. She came to her studies of German and comparative literature with a degree in journalism and German Studies from the University of Arizona.

Broadly speaking, Professor Bauer's research is in the areas of cultural theories, the Frankfurt School, gender studies, Nietzsche, literary and counter publics, and contemporary German literature and thought. Publications include Adorno’s Nietzschean Narratives: Critiques of Ideology, Readings of Wagner (SUNY Press, 1999), Everybody Talks About the Weather: We don’t  (Seven Stories, 2008), special journal issues on Herta Müller, the Red Army Faction, and Berlin, and articles in the areas of critical theory and contemporary German literature and culture. Her research has been supported by a Royal Bank Teaching Development and several SSHRC grants. Currently, she is co-editing (with Jennifer Hosek) a volume on Topographies of the New Berlin and a special issue of Seminar on Surveillance (co-edited with Andrea Gogröf) is forthcoming in November 2016.

Professor Bauer has also undertaken extensive archival research for a study of Nietzsche’s sister, Elisabeth Förster-Nietzsche. She has published on diverse topics, thinkers, and authors, including Nietzsche, Adorno, Habermas, Herta Müller, Edgar Hilsenrath, Ingeborg Bachmann, Botho Strauss, Elfriede Jelinek, WG Sebald, Christian Kracht, and Ulrike Meinhof.  Her current research includes a study of the after-life of Ulrike Meinhof in literature, art, and film and a project on actual and virtual literary publics in the New Berlin. 

Selected Publications

Everybody Talks About the Weather: The Writings of Ulrike Meinhof. Editor and Introduction by Karin Bauer. Foreword by Nobel-Prize winner Elfriede Jelinek. Afterword by Bettina Röhl. Translation by Luise von Flotow. New York: Seven Stories Press, 2008.  

Adorno's Nietzschean Narratives: Critiques of Ideology; Readings of Wagner. Albany: State University of New York Press, 1999.  

“Utopian Insularity and the Colonial Legacy of Heterotopian Empires: Christian Kracht’s Novel Imperium.  Insularity. Representations and Constructions of Small Worlds. Ed. Katrin Dautel and Kathrin Schödel. Würzburg: Königshausen + Neumann, 2016.

The New Berlin.  Ed. with Jennifer Hosek. Theme issue of Seminar: A Journal of Germanic Studies 51:4 (2015).

“The Politics of Gender in Herta Müller’s Prose.” Herta Müller. Ed. Brigid Haines and Lyn Marven. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2013. 153-71.

“Ulrike Meinhof, Orphelia, and the Problem of Female Agency.” Journal of Korea Women’s Research Institute, Sungshin University (2013). 5-28.

“The End of Tragedy Out of the Spirit of the RAF: Elfriede Jelinek’s Ulrike Maria Stuart. Zeitenwende: Österreichische Literatur seit dem Millennium.” Ed. Michael Böhringer and Susanne Hochreiter. Vienna: Praesens Verlag, 2012. 157-172.

Questioning the RAF: The Politics of Culture. Ed. Theme issue of Seminar 47:2 (2011).

Ethik und Poetik im Werke Herta Müllers. Special issue of literatur für leser 2: 2011. Guest editor and introduction 34:2 (2011).

“Fragmentation and Collage in the Works of Herta Müller.”  Ethik und Poetik im Werke Herta Müllers. Special issue of literatur für leser 34:2 (2011). 131-44.

“From Protest to Resistance: The Case of Ulrike Meinhof.” Changing the World, Changing Oneself: Political Protest and Collective Identities in the 1960s/70s West Germany and U.S. Ed. Belinda Davis and Wilfried Mausbach. Oxford, New York: Berghahn Books, 2010. 171-190. 

“The Figure of Nietzsche as Adorno’s ‘Trace of the Better’.” Adorno.  Ed. Alfred Drake. Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Press, 2009. 124-140. 

“The Challenges of Domestication: Elisabeth Förster-Nietzsche in Paraguay.” German Diaspora Experiences. Ed. Mat Schulze and David John. Waterloo: Wilfried Laurier University Press, 2008. 345-56. 

“'Der Kapitalismus finanziert seinen eigenen Untergang': Parodie und Subersion in Erin Cosgroves 'Die Baader-Meinhof-Affäre'." Geschichte(n) erzählen: Nachbilder der RAF. Ed. Inge Stephan. Weimar: Böhlau Verlag, 2008. 287-98. 

“Area Studies and the Unfulfilled Promise of Interdisciplinary Exchange” Lendemains: Etudes comparées sur la France.  Ed. Lawrence McFalls and Hans-Jürgen. Lüsebrink.  Tübingen: Narr, 2006. 14-22. 

“The Dystopian Entwinement of History and Identity in W.G. Sebald’s Austerlitz.”  W.G. Sebald: History—Memory--Trauma.  Ed. Scott Denham and M. McCulloh. Berlin: deGruyter, 2006. 233-50. 

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German Studies
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