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Daniel Schwartz

Academic title(s): 

Assistant Professor

Contact Information
Email address: 
daniel.schwartz2 [at]

680 Sherbrooke St. West
Montreal, Quebec
H3A 2M7

514-398-4400 Ext 00571
Research areas: 
Russian Studies
German Studies

Daniel Schwartz’s research focuses on the intersection of sound studies, Russian and German cinema, urban studies, and documentary film. His book City Symphonies, 1913-1931: Sound and the Composition of Urban Modernity will be published with McGill-Queen’s University Press. Through an analysis of works by artists, composers, and filmmakers like Luigi Russolo, Arseny Avraamov, Walter Ruttmann, and Dziga Vertov, he presents the city symphony as a multimedia experiment, one that repurposes urban sounds and novel technologies of sound reproduction to transform the city into an auditorium and orchestra. His articles may be found in Music, Sound, and the Moving Image, Slavic Review, Studies in Eastern-European Cinema, and Cinema Journal (forthcoming). He is also interested in the documentaries of Andrei Ujică, Philip Scheffner, and Sergei Loznitza.

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