Esther Frank

Esther Frank

Retired Lecturer

Areas of Interest:

Yiddish Literature in Yiddish and American Jewish Literature


B.A.(Concordia University), M.A.(McGill University)

Teaching and Research:

After honoring in American Literature as an undergraduate, I continued my studies in Literature through the periods in the Department of English at McGill. I also began to study Yiddish Literature in Yiddish in the Department of Jewish Studies and wrote my Master’s Thesis on a Yiddish writer- Lamed Shapiro. It was published by YIVO Institute for Jewish Research New York. I continued work in 16th and 17th and 20th centuries in English Literature but also began to focus on Yiddish writing presenting material on Lamed Shapiro and others at varying conferences.

I began to teach at McGill in the late 1990s and have since taught a wide range of courses in the areas of Yiddish and Jewish Literatures in the modern period. I have had the opportunity to teach in New York in the Department of Jewish Studies at NYU, and to offer courses on Jewish Women’s writings at McGill. My most recent interests are in the area of Yiddish Canadian fiction and a current project is a work on the poet Rokhl Korn. I continue to work on American Yiddish writers and hope to complete a research project on the life and times of Lamed Shapiro.

Presentations 2000-2008:

“On the other side of the Poem” ACJS Vancouver 2008
“ Yiddish in Montreal” Universite de Montreal, Rokhl Korn 2007
“ Post Holocaust literature: Edgia’s Revenge by Chava Rosenfarb” Concordia, 2004
Novels by Yehuda Elberg. Concordia, 2003
“A dialogue of Diasporas” The Long Distance Runner by Grace Paley, Accute 2001

Recent Publications:

A Biocritical Bilingual Edition of the Poetry of Rokhl Korn, under contract, McGill-Queens Press.
Dictionary of Literary Biography. Bio bibliography on Rokhl Korn 2007
Holocaust Literature an Anthology bio-bibliography Yehuda Elberg 2002
POLIN A Marriage Made in Heaven. N., Seidman. review 1998-99


Letters for film My Dear Clara 2000.

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