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The Department of Bioresource Engineering (Ecological Engineering, Water Resources Management, Mechatronics and Robotics, Food Engineering and Processing, Post Harvest Technology, Plant and Animal Environments, Waste Management and the Protection of the Environment, Artificial Intelligence) is an interdisciplinary group that integrates engineering science and design with biological sciences. The Department of Bioresource Engineering is internationally recognized and renowned for its rigorous academic programs (B.Eng, MSc., PhD.), outstanding faculty and strong commitment to research. The department is a part of the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences and is also affiliated and collaborating with the Faculty of Engineering for both courses and research purposes.

IWRM Program at McGill UniversityMany watersheds around the world are facing increasingly complex water crises. These crises can only begin to be addressed in an effective and sustainable manner if we begin to transition to more integrated and adaptive forms of water resources planning, management and governance. For the last quarter century there has been an emerging acceptance and use of integrated water resource management (IWRM) across the water sector. Adaptive Management (AM) has been identified as an important extension of the IWRM approach due to the additional benefits it can provide by embracing uncertainty. An integrated and adaptive approach to water resource management, where the decision-making focus is coordinated, cross-sectoral, participatory as well as adaptive, will support water resource professionals today and in the future in their quest for more sustainable water management globally.

In response to the above challenges, the McGill Department Bioresource Department offers two very unique programs in water resources management:

1-Year M.Sc. in Integrated Water Resources Management (Non-Thesis):

IWRM Program at McGill UniversityProviding a unique opportunity to study the biophysical, environmental, legal, institutional, and socio-economic aspects of water use and management in an integrated context. This Master of Science program promotes a holistic perspective and awareness of water resources management issues through a wide range of courses offered by collaborating departments and faculties at McGill University. Candidates may have undergraduate degrees in a wide variety of related areas, including: geography, international development studies, sociology, anthropology, mathematics, environmental studies, biology, natural resources management, and engineering, amongst others. 

8 Week Online Certification Program in Integrated and Adaptive Water Resources Planning, Management & Governance:

IWRM Program at McGill UniversityTaking a holistic look at water resources management with a specific focus on Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) and Adaptive water Management (AM). This online course is designed specifically for professionals and others who want to upgrade their skills in water management concepts and practices. The course aims to provide tools and training for watershed planning techniques, adaptive management strategies, capacity building approaches, water governance, and water risk assessment to strengthen IWRM and AM capacities globally. Participants with diverse disciplinary backgrounds (e.g., geography, engineering, social sciences, business, etc.) are welcomed and encouraged to apply. 


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