Our Team

jan.adamowski [at] mcgill.ca (Dr. Jan Adamowski)

is an Associate Professor of Hydrology and Water Resources Management in the Department of Bioresource Engineering at McGill University in Canada.  At McGill, he is also the Liliane and David M. Stewart Scholar in Water Resources, the Director of the Integrated Water Resources Management Program (which comprises an MSc program and an Online Certification Program), and the Associate Director of the Brace Centre for Water Resources Management. Prior to coming to McGill University, he was a Postdoctoral Associate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the USA. He obtained his undergraduate education in civil engineering in Canada (Royal Military College), and his graduate education in the US and Europe (University of Cambridge, MIT, London Business School, Warsaw Technical University, and HEC Paris). Professor Adamowski's teaching and research activities revolve around statistical hydrology and integrated and adaptive water resources management. 


murray.clamen [at] mcgill.ca (Dr. Murray Clamen)

has been at the forefront of transboundary water resources management for over thirty years working in a multidisciplinary environment at the Canada – United States International Joint Commission (IJC). Prior to his retirement from the IJC in March 2011, he lead and participated in numerous Canada – U.S. water resource studies and assessments as an engineering adviser and then Secretary of the Canadian Section. In the latter position he was responsible for the administration of the Canadian Secretariat and providing policy advice to Presidential and Prime Ministerial-appointed Commissioners. He currently holds an Adjunct Professorship at McGill University where he assists with the Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) Masters Program and teaches a graduate level course on Water: Society, Law and Policy. He is also a member of the Forum for Leadership on Water (FLOW) and sits on the Advisory Committees for the Brock University Environmental Sustainability Research Unit (BESRU) as well as the Value of Water Program at the Centre for Environment, University of Toronto. Dr. Clamen completed a PhD in Civil Engineering from Imperial College (University of London, England) as an Athlone Fellow.


laura.wittebol [at] mcgill.ca (Dr. Laura Wittebol)

is an Academic Associate based in the Macdonald Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Office of the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences at McGill University. Dr. Wittebol completed her undergraduate degree in Environmental Biology at McGill and went on to work as a Quality Assurance Inspector, where she assured regulatory compliance in studies conducted at a Montreal-area contract research organization and earned her certification as a Registered Quality Assurance Professional (Good Laboratory Practice). She later returned to McGill, earning her Ph.D. in Micrometeorology, studying large-scale greenhouse gas emissions from Eastern Canadian agricultural ecosystems. She subsequently was employed as a Project Manager for a solar energy start-up in Montreal. Dr. Wittebol’s principal mandate in the Mac OGS is to provide academic support for the Faculty’s non-thesis Master’s programs.



Guest Lecturers


  • Dr. Nicolas Audet – Ouranos Consortium on Regional Climatology and Adaptation to Climate Change
  • Mr. Pierre Beauchamp – Exp Engineering
  • Dr. Robert Bonnell – Retired Professor in Water Management at McGill University Department of Bioresource Engineering
  • Dr. Marco Braun – Ouranos Consortium on Regional Climatology and Adaptation to Climate Change
  • Dr. James Bruce – Former Co-Chair of Work Group III of the UNEP-WMO IPCC Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
  • Mr. Richard Connor – Lead Author of several chapters of the 3rd World Water Development Report
  • Mr. Bill Cosgrove – Former Vice President of the World Bank
  • Ms. Sandrine Desaulniers – Member of the Board of ‘Le Regroupement des organisations de bassin versant du Québec’, and former Manager of: the du Chene Watershed Organization and Chute du Diable Watershed Organization
  • Ms. Joanna Eyquem – Senior Fluvial Geomorphologist at AECOM 
  • Mr. Johannes Halbe – PhD Researcher in Participatory Modeling, McGill University
  • Dr. Christiane Hudon – Research Scientist and Aquatic Plant Ecology Specialist at Environment Canada
  • Dr. Bahaa Khalil – Postdoctoral Researcher in Water Engineering at McGill University, Department of Bioresource Engineering
  • Dr. Jacques Langlois – Soil and Water Management Expert/ Watershed Planner at Aecom
  • Ms. Carolyn Lee – Water Design Specialist at CH2M Hill
  • Ms. Sarah Lee – Program Associate at Winrock International (NGO)
  • Dr. Steve Light – Adjunct Professor McGill University and former Policy Director of the South Florida Water Management District, and Author of the implementation strategy for the Everglades Land Management Plan
  • Mr. Ralph Pentland – Former Director of Water Planning and Management in the Canadian Public Service, and primary author of the 1987 Canadian Federal Water Policy
  • Prof. Jeffrey Plank - Associate Vice President Research at the University of Virginia
  • Prof. Gerard Learmonth – Project Director of the UVA Bay Game
  • Mr. Paul Reig – Associate at the World Resources Institute (WRI) in Washington DC
  • Dr. Claude Sauveplane – Former United Nations Inter-regional Adviser on Water Resources
  • Mr. Aly Shady – Former Senior Water Advisor at the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)
  • Mr. Ted Yuzyk – Director IUGLS at the International Joint Commission (IJC)
  • Ms. Kelly Meaney - Water Engineer at CH2M Hill
  • Asit Mazumder
  • David Brooks
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