Course Selection

Each year, prior to registration, all PhD Students must meet with their supervisor to approve their course selection for the academic year. It is important to ensure that your course selection helps you meet all of your degree requirements.

To see the course selection available for this year, please consult Minerva.

Special Topics Courses

If you register for Special Topics courses, note that the topic of each course does not show up on your transcript. If you take the same Special Topics Course twice, you must advise the Student Affairs Coordinator, who will send a letter to GPS advising them that the course content is different so that both courses show on your transcript with a note added to differentiate between the two; this way, both will count towards your degree.*

*Please note that this also applies to ISLA 523 (the content of the two sections is different).

Courses outside of the Institute

With the permission of the Institute, up to 6 credits could be taken in other departments at McGill or other institutions. [It is possible for a PhD student to take a maximum of 12 credits from outside the Institute: 6 credits maximum in the MA programme plus 6 credits maximum in the PhD programme.] After permission has been granted, students should email the Student Affairs Coordinator, and copy their supervisor, with the course name and number so that it will be counted in the student’s degree evaluation and a note is put in their file.

With the approval of your supervisor, courses taken with an IIS faculty member in other departments (e.g., History, Anthropology, Political Science) can count towards the course-work requirements in the same way as ISLA courses.

Note: in order to avoid over-specialization, no PhD student will be allowed to take more than 9 credits worth of content courses (i.e., courses that are not primarily devoted to language instruction) with a single Institute professor.

To take a course at another university in Quebec, you will need to use the online CREPUQ IUT system to apply for permission. You should have already discussed this with your supervisor and been given approval. Please advise the Student Affairs Coordinator of your plans.

Once you have applied online through CREPUQ and have selected Islamic Studies as your home ‘approval department’, an email requesting permission will be sent to the Institute. The Student Affairs Coordinator, with the permission of your supervisor, will then submit the approval and your request will be forwarded through the CREPUQ system to your host university.

Students wishing to do a substantial amount of work outside the Institute of Islamic Studies and have it credited to their programme should seek permission by directing a petition to the Director of the Institute who will present the matter to the staff for a decision. Permission to do work outside the Institute of Islamic Studies shall not be construed as grounds to ignore or neglect any area of Islamic Studies that is relevant to students’ research or important to the full development of their knowledge in Islamic Studies. 

Registration of a Graduate in an Undergraduate Course (below 500-level)

If you require an additional course at the undergraduate level (for example, a 400-level language course needed for research) you may obtain an approval form from the Student Affairs Coordinator. You will need to get permission from the GPD, who must sign the form. The form must then be taken to the undergraduate department where you wish to take the course. They will approve your form which you must then return to the Student Affairs Coordinator, who will submit it to GPS for your permission to register.

Students may maintain their connection with the Institute by annual registration for up to three years after completing enrolment requirements of three years if accepted to PhD 2 and four years if accepted to PhD 1, according to the GPS’ Time Limitation regulations.



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