Progress Tracking

As per Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, Ph.D. students must have a supervisory committee consisting of at least one faculty member in addition to the supervisor(s).

The PhD supervisory committee of students in the Institute of Islamic Studies (IIS) will consist of a supervisor (or two co-supervisors) and one additional faculty member, who is a member or associate member of the IIS. This additional committee member meets with the student on a regular basis to provide guidance and constructive feedback on the student’s research. The selection of this additional committee member is done with the mutual agreement of the student, the supervisor(s), and the GPD.

Each year, students are required by Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (GPS) to fill out the mandatory Progress Tracking Reports, which are available for download on the GPS’ website. The complete and signed forms are due by May 30.

You should meet with your supervisor to have her/him review your Objectives and accomplishments (Objectives set) and provide an evaluation on your progress on coursework and other milestones. Your supervisor must write her/his comments on the second page and you can sign the form, if you agree. Once completed, this form should be returned to the Student Affairs Coordinator by email so that the GPD could sign it and subsequently be uploaded to myProgress.

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