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Women’s War Stories: Building an archive of women and the Lebanese Civil War

September 2016, Professors Michelle Hartman and Malek Abisaab won a prestigious five year, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) Insight Grant. The project titled, "Women’s War Stories: Building an archive of women and the Lebanese Civil War” will also involve collaborative work with scholars, writers, artists and activists in Lebanon, including Professor Yasmine Nachabe Taan, Lena Merhej and Iman Humaydan. The multi-year project seeks to document and think about the ways in which women in Lebanon experienced, expressed and continue to express their own “war stories.” In addition to working to document the stories of Lebanese and Palestinian women militants and activists in the war, it also will analyze and work with these stories in multiple ways to further the conversations in Lebanon and around the world about the war. Literary texts, oral narratives, comics, visual storytelling and other visual art will also be analyzed, used and created to further these conversations.” for more information or to get involved, contact michelle.hartman [at] (Michelle Hartman) or malek.abisaab [at] (Malek Abisaab).

Rational Sciences in Islam

An Initiative for the Study of Philosophy and the Mathematical Sciences in Islam

Project Leaders:

Prof. F. Jamil Ragep: Scientific Traditions in Islamic Societies (STIS)

Office: Morrice Hall 024
Phone: (514) 398 4400 ext. 094026
Fax: (514) 398 6731
Email: jamil.ragep [at]

Prof. Robert Wisnovsky: Post-classical Islamic Philosophy Database Initiative (PIPDI)

James McGill Professor
Phone: (514) 398 4400     
Fax: (514) 398 6731
Email: robert.wisnovsky [at]


Dr. Sally Ragep

Senior Researcher
Room 024, Morrice Hall
Tel (514) 398 4400 ext. 094026
Email: sally.ragep [at]

Former Members:

Dr. Taro Mimura, Research Associate (2008-2012)
Dr. Ihsan Fazlioglu, Visiting Professor (2008-2011)
Mr. Adam Gacek, Faculty Lecturer and Research Associate (2008-2011)
Mr. Sajjad Nikfahm Khubravan (2012-2013)
Dr. Reza Pourjavady (2008-2013)
Mr. Sergey Turkin (2008-2013)


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