INTD Program Advising

Effective Currently:

NO DROP-IN's permitted. Please read below.

Program Advising will take place via EMAIL/ONLINE.

  • Majors in IDS, please keep in mind email advising will be much quicker. List concisely in an email your questions and a list of courses you have taken for IDS and then email lisa.stanischewski [at] (subject: IDS%20Questions) (Student Advisor). Or make an appointment using the link below.

  • Minors in IDS, email kirsty.mckinnon [at] (IDS Student Affairs Advisor )with questions.

  • Honours and Jt Honours Students either email or make an appointment here: Microsoft Teams Booking ISID. The online appointment is held through MS Teams (works on mobile, desktop, or through a browser). Before your appointment, be sure to have properly setup what is required to join the meeting.

  • Online appointments ONLY.

  • Any questions - email ids [at] (IDS General Inquires )

NOTE:  Appointments can change due to last minute advisor availability. Always check your McGill email. 

Procedure for applying a Transfer Credit course towards your IDS program requirements

Ensure you have read through the following websites thoroughly:

Once your Transfer Credit course has been approved on the McGill Course Equivalency System, please do one of the following:

  • Email the lisa.stanischewski [at] (ISID Advisor) with the syllabus of the course, the course equivalency given on the system (ex. POLI 3XX), the program you are pursuing (ex. IDS Stream 3). The Advisor will then confirm via email whether the course can count towards your program requirements.
  • Schedule an appointment to see the ISID Advisor by calling 514-398-4804 (please bring to the appointment a copy of the course syllabus).
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