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ISCEI is thrilled to extend a special invitation to you for an afternoon with Billy-Ray Belcourt, this year's Writer in Residence.

The ISCEI Mellon Elder in Residence program will provide support for building relationships with Indigenous Elders. Depending on their interest, capacity, expertise, Elders may be involved with activities such as liaising and connecting with Indigenous students, faculty and staff; providing advice on the incorporation of Indigenous knowledge in university teaching and research; promoting Indigenous student success; collaborating with First Peoples’ House; and providing guidance for researchers in their interactions with Indigenous communities. 


What is the Elder's Role? Learn more about Visiting Elders and Programs

What is the Elder's role?

  • Facilitate Sharing Circles, where participants are given a safe space to discuss issues they are experiencing in a positive and supportive group setting.
  • Provide personal consultation, conversation, guidance, and mentorship.
  • Provide cultural and spiritual support through one-on-one guidance sessions.
  • Share knowledge and expertise in different areas through cultural teachings.
  • Offer access to medicines and smudge.



2022-2023 Visiting Elders

This year, First Peoples’ House will be hosting visiting Elder Geraldine Standup and Healer Mike Standup, who will provide individual consultations to Indigenous McGill Students for personal support, guidance, and teachings.

These sessions can be provided via Zoom or in-person at the First Peoples’ House (with precautionary measures).


This is open to current Indigenous McGill Students and is on a first come first serve basis.


To register or if you have questions, please contact First People's House

You can read more about this initiative by referring to Call to Action #24 in the Provost’s Task Force on Indigenous Studies and Indigenous Education report linked here:

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