MIF Lunch & Learn 11: Branding & Communication

Thursday, September 28, 2023 12:00to13:00
Thomas Ledwell and Sara Ostad

UPDATE: This meeting will be held online, not in-person.

It takes more than just a solid technology and a killer business plan to succesfully launch a startup/spinoff company. You also need to create an attractive brand, and you must let customers know you are there through communications. Getting the word out is all the more challenging as there are so many other companies, some of whom are competing for the same customers as you. The good news is that branding and communication doesn't have to be expensive or complicated to be done right. Our speakers for this event are:

Thomas Ledwell, a strategy consultant and entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience in developing multi-platform strategic plans supporting strategic communications, innovation, corporate governance, digital transformation, and partner relationships. In 2022, he founded Ledwell Strategies Inc., supporting a range of companies, non-profits, and institutions of higher education. Following a career in media, he held a number of leadership positions, notably including oversight of the development of a leadership program for top doctoral researchers. 

Sara Ostad, a part-time Faculty and a seasoned brand and business strategist with profound knowledge of marketing (digital and traditional advertising) and proven success in planning and executing growth strategy in a multitude of industries for the past 10 years, Sara is specialized in helping brands develop "value-driven" sales and marketing programs that drive performance and revenue. Her portfolio consists of working with some of the leading organizations in North America in the automotive, high-tech, hospitality and real estate industries.
An executive coach and certified corporate trainer, Sara currently leads Socially Inc's brand activation programs.

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