Technology used in Retail Innovation Lab to be deployed at scale

Published: 16Jun2022

McGill’s Retail Innovation Lab is a testing ground for new technologies, and an automated check-out system that it is currently using will be deployed in 7000 Couche-Tard and Circle K locations....

Taxing waste could help make fashion more sustainable

Published: 16Jun2022

Reducing waste can help lower the environmental impact of any business, and Javad Nasiry believes that policy can help achieve this. The fashion industry is a major source of carbon emissions, and...

CEO Éric Lachance is guiding Énergir toward a greener future

Published: 16Jun2022

The future of energy needs to be flexible, according to Éric Lachance (BCom’96), the CEO of Énergir. The company is seeking to replace natural gas with renewable energy generated by hydro, solar...

Dobson Cup finalist attracts investment from leading venture capital fund

Published: 16Jun2022

Many service-oriented businesses suffered during the pandemic, but it was a boon for Paper, an online tutoring company. Led by Philip Cutler (BEd’13) and Roberto Cipriani (BSc’08), the company was...

Dobson Cup prize winners prepare to pilot colour-changing artificial nails

Published: 16Jun2022

Alejandra Huerta and Isabela Dominguez envision a future where the shade of your nails can change with a tap of your phone. During Huerta’s PhD in chemistry, she considered how organic materials...

HITLAB is using artificial intelligence to identify the hit songs of the future

Published: 16Jun2022

A hit song can capture lightning in a bottle, but what is the exact mix of characteristics that make one song a global phenomenon - and another a hidden gem. There has always been a bit of alchemy...

Ann-Sophie Bettez inducted into McGill Sports Hall of Fame

Published: 16Jun2022

The McGill Sports Hall of Fame is honouring Desautels graduate Ann-Sophie Bettez (BCom '11) as part of its Class of 2022. Bettez’s induction follows a decorated university hockey career in which...

Louis Morissette’s career combines business training with comedic instincts

Published: 16Jun2022

When Louis Morissette (BCom’95) was studying at Desautels, he was also performing in comedy shows. And when he went to the École Nationale de l’humour, he found himself wondering what the business...

Serge Postigo stars in the Paris adaptation of Mel Brooks’ award-winning musical The Producers

Published: 16Jun2022

When The Producers launched on Broadway in 2001, it took home the Tony Award for Best Musical. Its French adaptation repeated the feat at this year’s Molière awards, which recognize achievement in...


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