Participation Across the Lifespan

A Working Group led by Dr. Neil Andersson, co-director

Participation marks the entire human life cycle. From learning how to play one’s first game, participating in workplace dynamics, engaging in civic duties participation takes on many different forms and qualities as humans engage with different sets of developmental tasks.

Many rich and provocative research questions emerge in this realm:

  • how does participation change across the lifecycle?
  • What incentivizes participation at different ages?
  • Who is more prone to participate and why?
  • How is participation linked to a sense of well-being? How does participation help us develop as individuals?

Our group examines these and other questions through the lenses of our varied group members: education, medicine, dentistry nursing, social work, business, and fine arts among others. As would be expected our working group is open to the participation of new members and encourages community members, students, and resonant researchers from all faculties to join by contacting the Institute for Human Development and Well-Being at [at] We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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