The IHDW is structured on the basis of a philosophy that examines the concept of well-being from theory to action. This is established by transitioning from Research Nodes where we define our strengths and values in the fields of Education, Health and Educational Psychology, to implementing Working Groups that carry out projects that see these values come to light in a community context.


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Research Nodes

Well-being is a multi-varied and rich concept that can be interpreted in many ways. See how we connect our research expertise with the concept of Well-being to get a productive relation to our community‎‎

Working Groups

Working Groups take the domains we identify as central to Well-being and organize a collection of research under thematic umbrellas to bring our research to life.

See how we work in our groups on research tackling Sexual Violence, Games and Gamification, Participation across the lifespan, and Sustainability and Well-being.


See a list of our most recent projects

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