Dr. Neil Andersson

Professor of Family Medicine, and Executive Director of Community Information and Epidemiological Technologies (CIET) Institute and Participatory Research at McGill (PRAM). With his extensive medical expertise as a medical doctor, Neil’s evidence-based health-related research focuses on community engagement, mobilization, and surveillance in Mexico, Colombia, Nicaragua, and Bostwana.

After medical studies at the University of Cape Town and work as a junior pediatrician and surgeon in south Wales, Dr. Andersson worked for three years in refugee camps in the Horn of Africa before taking up an appointment as clinical lecturer at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. In 1985 he founded CIET in the south of Mexico, which grew into a network of institutes and charities dedicated to community-based research and planning. He has a special interest in large scale pragmatic trials that incorporate community views and resources in primary prevention.



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