Gaming Humanitarian Crisis; Demonstration/play of AFTERSHOCK: A Humanitarian Crisis Game


[3700 McTavish, Education Building, 1st floor], Art Hive (inside the library), 3700 McTavish, Education Building, 1st floor,, Montreal, QC, CA
In this session, Dr. Rex Brynen, Professor of Political Science at McGill University, will run a presentation (17:30-18:00) that explores his work on serious games, followed by demonstration/ play of AFTERSHOCK, A Humanitarian Crisis Game (18:00-20:30).
This event is free and open to the public. However, we appreciate filling out this short registration form so that we know the guest count for the game as well as for the refreshment. Inform your friends if they are interested in engaging in a serious game that focuses on addressing the urgent humanitarian needs of a local population!
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A few more information:
AFTERSHOCK is a boardgame that explores the interagency cooperation needed to address the emergency and early recovery phase of a complex humanitarian crisis.

For more information about this game please visit here

Introduction to this game on YouTube

Contact information: Hani Sadati (hani.sadati [at]


This event is organized by the Games and Gamification for Human Development and Well-being (GHDW) Working Group of the Institute for Human Development and Well-being.

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