HCS Graduate Excellence Fund


HCS Graduate Excellence Fund

The Graduate Excellence Fund supports the Department's graduate students by providing funding for study, research, training, and professional development. The long-range goal of the Fund is to enable History and Classical Studies to fulfil its potential to attract and train Masters and Doctoral students whose talents match the intellectual caliber and innovative research profile of the Department.

The Fund was initiated by Professor Faith Wallis, who received her BA in History from McGill in 1971 and MA in 1974, and Kendall Wallis (BA 1969, MLS 1971). Besides regularly donating $2,500 each year to the Endowment, the Wallises are putting $2,500 each year into a temporary expendable fund. This expendable fund will allow the department to disburse funds to graduate students immediately. The expendable fund will stay in place until such time as the Endowment — through the Wallises' annual gifts, and the donations of faculty, alumni and friends of the Department — has reached the $60,000 threshold. $60,000 will produce an annual income of $2,500. If annual donations to the Endowment from other sources match the Wallises' $2,500, that $60,000 threshold can be reached in 2026. If they exceed $2,500, the department will cross that threshold even sooner! As soon as the threshold is crossed, the expendable fund will no longer be required, and will be closed down; however, the Wallises will add the $2,500 that they previously donated to the expendable fund to their annual donation to the Endowment, to help the Endowment grow even faster. In addition, they have given an insurance policy to the University which will mature in twenty years, at the latest; when cashed out, this will add over a million dollars to the GEF Endowment.

If you want to donate to this Endowment, please send a cheque (payable to “McGill University”) to:

Alysha Anderson

Development Officer 

Contact: alysha.anderson [at] mcgill.ca


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