Fundraising Campaigns

Fundraising Campaigns

The Department of History and Classical Studies is currently fundraising in order to support students and the department in a number of ways.


Ongoing Fundraising Campaigns

The HCS Graduate Excellence Fund is an endowed fund supporting graduate students in various forms (fellowships, archival research, conference participation, etc.). 

The Tom Gibson-Brydon and Laura Nagy Travel Fund is an endowed fund supporting undergraduate and graduate student travel.  

The Carman Miller Fund is an expendable fund to be used at the discretion of the Departmental Chair. 


Future Fundraising Campaigns

The Department would like to launch fundraising campaigns for an endowed Fellowship for Indigenous Students and for an endowed fund dedicated to Graduate Language, Technical, and Methodological Training 

If you want to launch either of these campaigns with an initial donation, please contact Scott Corbett, Senior Development Officer, Faculty of Arts.  Scott.Corbett [at] or (514) 398-5005.