Learning Environment

A 19-member Learning Environment Action Panel (LEAP), chaired by Dr. Farhan Bhanji, is mandated by the Faculty to optimize the learning environment for students and residents in medicine, nursing, occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech language pathology.

This Panel is a faculty-wide umbrella group represented by the leadership of the learning environment portfolio as well as student and resident representatives. The panel reviews empirical data; it identifies areas of strength and improvement, and also areas requiring further attention. The primary role of LEAP is to identify and enact proactive, solutions-based approaches that can enhance the learning experiences of students and residents in the health professions programs.

The Faculty defines the learning environment as the diverse physical locations, contexts and cultures in which its students and residents learn. This refers to the physical space, but also to educational content and approaches, safety and respect, and the overall wellness of students, faculty and staff.

The learning environment consists of:

- The Physical environment: spaces and equipment in the clinical sites/health care facilities

- safe respectful environment: how teams interact, lack of mistreatment, stimulating/motivating

- The learning content: pedagogical/teaching approaches, assessments, cultural considerations

- Roles: roles and responsibilities of learners and teachers- active, engaged, constructive feedback

- Wellness: learner and teacher well-being, resilience, work-life balance

Further reading:

"Improving the learning environment across McGill's academic health network" (Med e-News, Feb. 22, 2019) 

Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time to share your input on the Faculty's learning environment.


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