Five Challenges and Opportunities in Advancing Education and Teaching Faculty-Wide

Seeking to advance education across a faculty with over 4,000 academics and more than 8,000 students, residents and fellows across departments and clinical settings is no easy task, but a growing network is seeking to do just that.

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Prospective students get snapshot of interprofessionalism

An interprofessional health care panel had leaders sharing options, experiences and inspiration late this October as part of the McGill Open House, introducing over 100 prospective students, families and friends to a range of academic career paths while stressing their important interprofessional linkages.

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2019 Faculty award recipients celebrated

McGill’s Faculty of Medicine celebrated Drs. Claire Trottier, Maria Natasha Rajah, and Keiko Shikako-Thomas as the 2019 recipients of the Maude Abbott Prize, the Haile T. Debas Prize and the Rosemary Wedderburn Brown Prize respectively at a ceremony on November 25, 2019.

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Indigenous youth take lead at Eagle Spirit Science Futures camp

Indigenous youth gathered at McGill University this summer for the 2019 Eagle Spirit Science Futures Summer Camp, a one-week health and sciences camp empowering Indigenous youth to realize their full potential in education, health, leadership and personal development. The camp takes the Western scientific method and weaves in Indigenous ways of knowing and traditional Indigenous knowledge to better engage its campers.

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Neuro Faculty members proud to teach

In a research-intensive place like The Neuro, where basic scientists and clinicians produce data and publications in a torrent, David Ragsdale and Michael Petrides are two veteran faculty members who regard teaching as an equally valuable calling.

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Teaching physicians ‘how to teach’ the next generation of doctors

For the first time this fall, physicians enrolled as preceptors in the Longitudinal Family Medicine Experience (LFME) course will benefit from an online distance blended program of their own, the Preceptor Learning Program (PLP), to help them become better clinical educators.

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TEACH: Goal 1 - Embrace evidence-based, learning-centred education

LEARN: Goal 2 - Collaborate across disciplines and professions

DISCOVER: Goal 3 - Advance educational research, scholarship, and innovation

Improving the learning environment

In October 2018, 200+ clinicians, educators and administrators from McGill's academic health network with the Faculty of Medicine has outlined next steps to improve the clinical learning environment for health profession trainees. Read more

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Breaking from tradition in medical education architecture

Social and cultural histories of medical education tend to rely on textual evidence, but Dr. Annmarie Adams proposes utilizing architecture itself as primary source material. Read more

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Focus on McGill Nursing Faculty

Learn about McGill Nursing educators via Focus on McGill Nursing Faculty. In this edition, Hugo Marchand, RN, BNI, CCNE shares his passion for critical care and cardiology nursing, and much more. Read more

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