2018 marks the thirteenth iteration of the HCIC survey.

Important Note: If you intend to use HCIC survey information in any way, please let us know by completing this brief form  so we can track how HCIC information is being disseminated.  Tracking how HCIC results are utilized is very important as this can help ensure future iterations of the survey are conducted by demonstrating the results are valuable to a variety of audiences.

The information being shared is for educational purposes and can not be reproduced, published or otherwise used intended for publication without the prior consent of the Health Care in Canada Knowledge Translation Committee.

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The 2018 HCIC survey results provide a comprehensive and timely overview of how a representative sample of Canadians (the public, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, allied health professionals and administrators) perceives health care in Canada. The estimated margin of error is less than 3% for the public sample and less than 10% for the professional groups (except for the allied health professionals).

We invite you to review and openly share these results with your colleagues and other stakeholders so together we can use this information to make our Canadian health care system better.

If you would like to use the HCIC results in your work or for a presentation or publication, we request that you complete this brief form. By telling us how you will use the HCIC results, you will help us better understand what topics are most relevant to you. Such information will also help inform future survey designs.

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Data Request Form

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