Open Call for HBHL Theme Leaders and Associate Theme Leaders


Published: 4Nov2020
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Application deadline: November 30, 2020

Healthy Brains, Healthy Lives (HBHL) invites applications for the positions of HBHL Research Theme 1 and Research Theme 4 Leader, as well as Associate Leader positions for each of HBHL's four research themes.

As HBHL enters its second phase, we've been looking into ways to involve new investigators in leadership positions to help plan our upcoming activities and HBHL's long-term legacy. The Associate Theme Leader role has been created specifically to address this, as Associate Leaders will be called on regularly to provide input on HBHL’s strategic direction, including the development of funding initiatives and activities designed to help HBHL achieve its objectives.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Alan Evans for his standout work as Theme 1 Leader. In order for Dr. Evans to focus on his role as HBHL's Scientific Director and create an opportunity to include more leadership perspectives moving forward, the decision was made to split his previously combined roles as Theme 1 Leader and Scientific Director. Dr. MacKenzie is stepping down from his role as Theme 4 Leader in order to focus on other efforts and will remain active as co-chair of HBHL's EDI Committee and member of the working group for the Canadian Framework for Brain Health. With these two changes, HBHL maintains its commitment to continuous renewal and fresh ideas in leadership by appointing new Leaders for all four Themes in the last year, in preparation for the second half of the HBHL mandate.


  • Applicants for Associate Theme Leader positions must be a new investigator who received their first research-related appointment less than 10 years ago (see individual postings for full definition)
  • No previous HBHL funding is required to apply for either Theme Leader or Associate Theme Leader positions
  • All applicants must be McGill faculty members

For full eligibility requirements, see postings below.

Theme Leaders

Associate Theme Leaders

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