New HBHL Theme Leaders and Associate Theme Leaders Announced


Published: 14Dec2020

HBHL is happy to announce new Leaders for Research Themes 1 and 4, as well as Associate Theme Leaders for all four of HBHL's research themes.

As HBHL enters its second phase, we've been looking into ways to involve new investigators in leadership positions to help plan our upcoming activities and HBHL's long-term legacy. The Associate Theme Leader role was created specifically to address this, as Associate Leaders will be called on regularly to provide input on HBHL’s strategic direction, including the development of funding initiatives and activities designed to help HBHL achieve its objectives.

Theme 1: Neuroinformatics and Computational Modelling

Leader: Dr. Mallar Chakravarty
Associate Leader: Dr. Blake Richards

Theme 2: Mechanistic Models of Neurodegenerative Disorders

Leader: Dr. Edith Hamel
Associate Leader: Dr. Sylvia Villeneuve

Theme 3: Applied Cognitive Neuroscience of Brain Plasticity

Leader: Dr. Lesley Fellows
Associate Leader: Dr. Madeleine Sharp

Theme 4: Population Neuroscience and Brain Health

Leader: Dr. Martin Lepage
Associate Leader: Dr. Tuong Vi Nguyen

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