New HBHL Research Theme 3 Leader: Lesley Fellows


Published: 1Oct2020

We're happy to announce that Dr. Lesley Fellows is the new Leader of Healthy Brains, Healthy Lives' (HBHL) Research Theme 3 (Applied Cognitive Neuroscience of Brain Plasticity). As a key member of HBHL's governance and decision-making structure, HBHL's Theme 3 Leader regularly provides input on HBHL's strategic direction—including the development and approval of activities and funding initiatives designed to help HBHL achieve its objectives. We would once again like to acknowledge the standout contributions made by Dr. Robert Zatorre, who served as Theme 3 Leader since HBHL's inception, and Dr. Julien Doyon, who acted as Theme 3 Leader during Dr. Zatorre's sabbatical.

Lesley Fellows biography

Dr. Lesley Fellows is a neurologist specializing in disorders of cognition. She has a particular interest in the functions of the frontal lobes. Her research programme focuses on the brain basis of decision making in humans, using the tools of cognitive neuroscience. She studies how focal brain damage or neurochemical dysfunction affects all aspects of decision making, how options are generated and organized, how they are valued and compared, and how choices are made. She is also interested in more general questions about the roles of the frontal lobes in the regulation of emotion, the expression of personality traits, and the representation of past and future information. This work has relevance for understanding impaired executive function following frontal lobe injury from aneurysm rupture, stroke, or tumour growth, as well as in degenerative conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease and some forms of dementia. It also provides insights into how the component processes that underly decision making are carried out in the intact brain.

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