NeuroSphere awards three scholarships for Life Sciences Entrepreneurship Development Program


Published: 21Feb2020

NeuroSphere, the McGill platform dedicated to innovation and partnership in neuroscience research funded through Healthy Brains, Healthy Lives (HBHL), is proud to announce the awarding of three scholarships to Sheida Rabipour, Marie-Élyse Lafaille-Magnan and Daneck Lang-Ouellette. They will be joining the 3rd edition of the Life Sciences Entrepreneurship Development Program (LSEDP).

Participants to this immersive and experiential training program will learn cutting-edge managerial techniques and strategies to develop and grow an innovative business. Divided into ten intensive 2-day modules, participants will gain more than 150 hours of relevant strategic guidance and instruction.

The NeuroSphere team is convinced that the trainees joining the 3rd cohort of the program will develop valuable entrepreneurial skills that will complement their scientific training.

In the picture: Marie-Élyse Lafaille-Magnan, Xavier Linker, Sheida Rabipour and Daneck Lang-Ouellette

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