NeuroSphere assists in launch of Neurasic Therapeutics


Published: 4Jun2020

Officially launched today, Neurasic Therapeutics is a new company aiming to advance research in opiate-sparing, pain-relieving drugs. Based on innovative research by McGill neuroscience professor Dr. Philippe Séguéla, the venture is a collaboration between adMare BioInnovations and AmorChem LLC. Neurasic's potential drug therapy blocks acid-sensing ion channels (ASICs), which is shown in early research to elicit analgesia (the inability to feel pain) in chronic pain conditions.

NeuroSphere, HBHL's neuroscience innovator, was key in driving this new endeavor by enabling critical partnerships between the parties involved.

“HBHL is very proud to be part of Dr. Séguéla’s efforts to find safer alternatives to opioids through Neurasic Therapeutics,” said Krystle van Hoof, HBHL's Managing Director and CEO. “We’re dedicated to fueling neuroscience discoveries and innovations at McGill, and NeuroSphere allows HBHL to proactively ensure that critical medical breakthroughs reach patients. We will continue to proudly support Dr. Séguéla and Neurasic in their efforts, and will build on this first success to help advance other ground-breaking innovations in the near future.”

Read the full press release here.

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