NeuroHub: First Community Release


Published: 19Nov2020

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Today, NeuroHub has left its beta phase and is celebrating its first community release! HBHL is excited to support the platform's development and to help bring it to the scientific community. Read our feature article on the NeuroHub release.

NeuroHub's web-based interface offers a streamlined system for storing and sharing data with connectivity to standard computational tools for data processing and analysis. The platform’s suite of tools supports research in neuroinformatics, genomics, social sciences, biology and more, and can be easily accessed on any computer with a web browser and internet connection.

Through NeuroHub, users can:

  • Securely store and share multi-modal data for multi-disciplinary collaborative research
  • Execute advanced searches on raw and processed data from the UK Biobank (for authorized users with UK Biobank access)
  • Launch small interactive and large-scale computational workflows and send results directly into NeuroHub
  • Develop machine learning algorithms through big data in NeuroHub

While the first community release marks a major milestone in NeuroHub's development, the platform will continue to evolve after today. New features will continue to be added based on the needs of the community — stay tuned for more updates!

NeuroHub Case Study: MRI Imaging Workflow

View the first in a series of case studies that show how using NeuroHub can facilitate research across a variety of disciplines.

Thumbnail image of a NeuroHub workflow diagram 


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