HBHL Available Position: Program Officer


Published: 4Jan2021

Application Deadline: January 8, 2021
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Position Summary

Reporting to the Business Development Advisor, the incumbent will join the HBHL/NeuroSphere Business Development team to promote initiatives that target innovation and entrepreneurship. These initiatives complement HBHL funding programs that aim at accelerating early technology maturation in the area of neuroscience and assist promising projects to move towards commercialization. The NeuroSphere team also works to support the creation of a dynamic entrepreneurship ecosystem in neuroscience and neuroinformatics.

The Program Officer (HBHL) will be responsible for the development and implementation of initiatives allow both faculty members and trainees involved in neuroscience at McGill to develop skills, expertise and experience related to innovation and entrepreneurship. The Program Officer (HBHL) will build on existing collaborations to improve and diversify the current offer of workshops, webinars and programs, as well as propose and lead new initiatives. In addition, the Program Officer (HBHL) will be responsible for the creation and organization of in-person networking events focused on innovation and entrepreneurship, at times in collaboration with partners. The Program Officer (HBHL) will also work closely with the Training and Equity Advisor (HBHL) to coordinate relevant initiatives.

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